College stress vs high school stress

Many argue the stress of college is much more intense than the stress of being in high school and others say the opposite. Teachers often compare the stress of high school as not being nearly as difficult as college, but is this accurate?

Senior Kara Nelson says, ”Well, high school has been stressful but this is what prepares you for college and college sets the path for the rest of your life, in most cases. As students, we often hear about how important college is and how hard we have to work so just from that I assume it’s going to be pretty stressful, maybe more so than high school.”

PB Works statistics show that 61% of stress in a teenagers life is caused by school. Many college students say that this stress goes down once they are on their own and in college.  Some argue that with fewer classes on a daily basis and less work there is less stress.

Elena Eisenburg, a graduate of the North Springs class of 2014, says,”I feel less stressed academically in college. I have more time for rest and studying because I only have four or so classes a day. Having this privilege also requires a lot of self-discipline to use your time wisely. I have only four tests in each class per semester verses having lots of assignments daily. This is a lot of pressure because I only have a few opportunities to make a good grade.”

Anna Nelson, a graduate of the North Springs class of 2013, agrees by saying,” You have to be disciplined because you don’t have parents telling you when to wake up or when to go to class. High school was fun because your friends are in halls and some of your classes. In college people don’t talk and meet as much. You really start to know your self and what you are capable of.”


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