How to make your Black Friday a success

Black Friday is the busiest shopping day in the United States. The day following Thanksgiving, stores lower their prices to kick off the holiday gift shopping season. People line up as early as 4 AM for deals and discounts and some people camp out in tents for days before in hopes of getting what they want before it sells out. 

Black Friday preparation is important if you even want to stand a chance against the pro-shoppers that have the stores mapped out so here are some ways to make your black Friday shopping experience successful. 

Making a list of the items you plan on buying along with the stores where you can find them is really important in insuring that you don’t forget anything. This will also make the experience quicker if you know exactly what stores to visit and shop in. On this list, note the time each store opens and their sale hours.

Another important step is rounding up a group of people who are willing to help. With family and friends in town for Thanksgiving this shouldn’t be too hard. Make sure you share your game plan with your helpers and split up. One person can stand in line in one store with your cash and the other at another store. This will make sure you not only get all the items you want before they sell out but also lets you avoid more than a couple really long, stressful lines.

If you are willing, camping out is a very good strategy. In terms of clothing stores its safe to camp out about 4 hours before opening, but with technology stores such as Best Buy, its probably better to camp out a day before. When camping out be sure to not only dress warmly but bring blankets, hand warmers and a nice warm cup of coffee or tea to keep you awake and energized during shopping. Snacks are also a nice addition to your Black Friday bag so you never have to step out of line for food.

With all of the anticipation from waiting and line and all the sparkly sale signs it’s very easy to over buy and impulse buy. To prevent this bring the exact amount of money you plan to spend on the things you for sure need and have a small fund for items you forgot to put on your list or for pretty things you just need.

Wearing comfortable shoes is very important since you will be standing in long lines and you will be walking (maybe even running) a lot.

Dressing warm was previously mentioned, but its also important to dress with sheddable layers as the stores are made really hot during the holiday season to keep people moving and sweating until they want to leave. A jacket with a hood prevents the need for a scarf and hat (which means less stuff to carry) and layering a short sleeve shirt under keeps you cool indoors. Also wear tight clothes that are neutrally colored so that you may try on clothes over them and avoid the lines of the dressing room.

 Though this may cause impulse buying, a good strategy is to grab everything you see that you even kind of like and sort through it later. When walking around picking things to buy there is no time to contemplate if its necessary and the right size and the right color for your skin, etc. Instead grab it and anything else you might like and sort through the things that really aren’t your style or aren’t even your size later.

The last rule in Black Friday shopping is to be firm and keep your eyes peeled. Its really easy to get distracted with all the commotion but its important to always have your belongings and future belonging in your hand or in the hands of someone your trust. As soon as you place an item down it becomes free game for anyone else to purchase and to prevent it from being take you must hold onto it or firmly demand it back if it is taken from you. If the person is timid enough it’ll be yours again but if not and being firm fails you make sure to instead keep your eye on it next time to prevent that from happening in the first place.

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