Model UN competes at Georgia State

In Mid-November, the North Springs Model United Nations team went to Georgia State University for their fall conference. At this conference, North Springs represented three different countries; China as the main country for veteran members, and Canada and Latvia for newer members. This year North Springs Model UN was represented by 17 students with Mrs. Olson as the sponsor and chaperone.

The North Springs team was started three years ago by Michael Hochman. He started the club because of he and his friends interest in history and politics. After Hochman graduated, it was taken over by his brother, current junior Seth Hochman. The team competes at two conferences each year with one conference in the fall and one conference in the spring. The first conference as mentioned above takes place at Georgia State University while the second conference of the year occurs at Kennesaw State University.

At these conferences, the team strives to pass resolutions that fix international issues. An example of the issues these model delegates are expected to resolve is democracy and human rights in post conflict regions. The students must create a resolution paper and submit it for voting and the process takes hours.

The conference lasts for about 6 hours for two days and they typically are only able to discuss one issue. Most of the time is spent debating, giving speeches and writing resolution papers.

“We would submit one paper and it would need editing and another and it would need more editing. It’s a long process but it’s fun for all of us because we really enjoy talking about foreign policy,” said Junior Javia Wilson.

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