Spartans get victories in first basketball games

The first varsity girls and boys basketball games of North Springs were played against Excel Christian Academy Tuesday night, November 11th. Both the boys and girls team won their first games of the season.

Many went to the game to support the teams dressed in all black to show spirit. Not only did the basketball players put on a show, the cheerleaders did as well. Many chants and dances were performed, not to mention one could hear our cheerleaders from miles away.


Senior cheerleader Caroline Solomon commented, “Supporting our players is so important, basketball games are already a blast and I like to think we add to it. To emphasize that it was a black out and our school spirit, we wore black bows and had glow sticks!” Some may say the cheerleaders added so much fun and pride to the game and were a blast to watch. Not only were the cheerleaders yelling and stomping, but many Spartan fans were doing the same.

Sophomore Max Kamean was also at the game. “I love going to basketball games because they are super exciting. An entire game can change with some momentum and help from the crowd. Being apart of this is so fun,” remarked Kamean. Fans from all ages came out to support the joy of the win which was said to be tremendous.

Varsity girls player Dajee Lyles says “I’m excited for the home games with my teammates & all of the fans. My favorite thing about basketball season is game day.  It’s the best day because all day your anticipation is building up for the game, and you’re ready for the win. Basketball season brings you so much closer to everyone you never thought you’d become friends with & it makes you feel like you have a second family. I’m very excited for tonight. Last season was definitely not the best, but this year we have a different team and I know we’re looking at a long, victorious road ahead of us.”

This long, victorious road looks like it is beginning to lay out its tracks ending their very first game with a score of 50-28. The boys also won their first game with a score of 85-66. One can really tell they love what their doing through their passionate attitudes and lots of hard work and hustle.

One of the boys on the varsity team commented, “I can’t wait to go to state and win! My schedule is really hard to manage but I get through it with lots of hard work. Hard work always pays off. Our first game needed to start off with a win to set the tone for the season.” Many could see that the teams and their coaches have been working very hard to do well this season and seems to be paying off.


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