Vending Machines Use It or Lose It

As much as we spend our money at the vending machines filled with deliciously tasteful treats, you would think that getting new ones means better for us. Just recently North Springs has added five new vending machines to the halls of our school.

Some are questioning why… why all of a sudden the new the vending machines. I got a chance to speak with Claude Horton, coach of the NSCHS football team, who is also in charge of the vending machines, to get a little insight.  ladaysia-nov12-photo2

Claude Horton says, “They are necessary for the survival of our school, anything we want that’s not budgeted for comes from vending, and it then goes back to the kids, it’s a revenue source.” Although students do value the new vending machines, they also feel that the new vending machines have become a bit of a problem.

As many of you know North Springs is a very big school with lots of students that fill the hall way the vending machines make it harder for students to get to class on time. They are too big and hall ways are easily congested

Ladaysia-nov12-photo1An addition to that they are not always reliable. Why have new vending machines if they’re going to work just as poorly as the old ones. Several students have lost money, their last or only dollar they have. It’s just as if students are giving the school their money, but what do the students get in return. We are being cheated of out of our money. If our school is going to add new vending machines we should at least make sure they are all working properly.

As a result of this Mr. Horton says the school will not be removing any of the vending machines because they are necessary, but we will be relocating them in different areas of the school, to prevent less distraction. It has become a distraction to the students from their academics. With the vending machines being located where they are, it’s easier for students to use them during class time. This takes away from their learning’s.


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