Sandy Springs Robbery

Sandy Springs Robbery

The police recovered a U-Haul truck containing many items and cash. The police found out that the items and cash all came from an overnight robbing spree.

During the during the hours of darkness on a early friday morning burglars went a overnight thieving spree in Sandy Springs that hit businesses on a three mile radius.

The thieves robbed eight business all near or on Roswell Road. The stores that were hit were the Canton Cook II, Perk-N-Pooch coffee shop, the dog watch, Pizza Hut, Chevron Gas Station, Hintons Cellar Wine, Beer and Spirits.

The thieves came in the stores by breaking through the front doors. Once entering the businesses the robbers went straight towards the registers. Once the thieves would take what they needed they would load it in the U-Haul truck.

Police informed the AJC around 9 a.m. that they saw the U-Haul truck leaving from the Taco Bell with its headlights off. Once the thieves saw the police pull up to the side of the truck the thieves ditched the U-Haul truck and took off on foot.

When asked Ayanna Jenkins, 18, senior said “ I think it just shows that the community lacks the level of security to prevent these events from happening”. Senior, Brianne Sellers said “ Well I think that someone is trying to send a message out to the people to be more careful”.

The names of the criminals involved in the overnight robberies have yet to be named so far by the police. But the names should be released soon.

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