New tardy policy comes to North Springs

Teachers and administrators are instilling a new tardy policy in North Springs that is creating a flurry within the building.

Starting on November 10, students will be forced to abide by the new late/tardy policy. Unlike the previous lock out scares, this policy will be in effect for the whole year.

Within the five minute period between classes, students will have to stop at their lockers, go to the restroom, and make it to class within the time allotted time. Socializing in the middle of the halls will be cut down to a minimum or even stop altogether.

Already students rush down the halls trying to make their way to class. It really is a sight for sore eyes to see everyone trying to make it on class before the bell rings.

The consequences for getting caught in the halls are more intense than the original lock out scares. Now, if students get enough tardies, they will be subject to administrative action, and who knows what that entitles.

Also, the new policy is not just for select classes but every class period of the day–everyday day of the week.

Administrator Ms. Kimbrel talks about the new lock out policy. She says students “just stand in the hall” even after the late bell for classes ring. “They do not walk. They just stand there.” When addressed by administrators and teachers to get to the class, the nonchalantly remark, “my teacher doesn’t care.” “Well if they won’t care, I will,” Miss Kimbrel says.

Why will this new policy be so effective? Kimbrel sums it up to say “someone is actually holding them accountable.” The ‘them’ she refers to is the students. More specifically, the students that do not make an effort to make it to class on time. Now students will actually have to make an attempt to get to class because no one is going to let them slide under the radar anymore.

The policy also enforces the ten minute rule– no one is allowed to leave class during the first and last ten minutes. One source attests to the new rule saying teacher’s passes will be “confiscated” if a student is caught in the hallway during the first or last ten minutes of class.

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