Review of the Abernathy Greenway

The newest addition to Sandy Springs is the Abernathy Greenway. The 6.6 acre, linear park opened on July 17, 2014 at 10 am. It is located on Abernathy Road between Wright and Brandon Mill. The park includes a central plaza, playable art pieces, playgrounds, lighted walkway, gardens and a patio with tables. The location of the park is great. It is located on a very heavily trafficked road making it easy for parents with kids on the way home from school to stop for a quick play at the park. This aspect also helps with traffic flow in late afternoon as schools dismiss and the work day ends.

The park has six playable art pieces made by well-known artists from around the country. The pieces are safe and fun for most ages. All six art pieces come with a soft, rubbery padding around the bottom to ensure extra safety.

The grand idea was created 2007 and construction began 2009. The park was finally completed after seven years of planning and constructing in 2014. One mother with her two sons at the park says, “The park brings a great sense of community and it is so close by. My whole family loves it.” The park really has brought such a great sense of community to Sandy Springs; it is just what we needed as a city. The landscaping is also a wonderful aspect of the park. All the different trees and flowers makes the park look beautiful and really come to life.

The park is also great for businesses in the area. Families come down to play at the Greenway and may want something to eat or drink providing services for business near the park. A father I spoke to talks about how great it is to have a park so close by and one he feels safe about letting his kids go to. Not only is it a great addition to families in the near-by area, but it also increases the value of houses close by measurably.

When Sandy Springs became a city, Eva Galambos promised to make it into a more pedestrian-friendly community and the park does so exactly. Although she has since retired, she was still present opening day along with the new mayor, Rusty Paul. “This is an amazing jewel for our community, for these neighborhoods, for these younger constituents down here,” says Mayor Rusty Paul on opening day.

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