The need to stop stereotypes

Mostly everyone knows that calling someone/something gay, retarded, girly, etc. is not a compliment and this is disparaging to humans as a whole. Why is it this way?

These words used in the correct context are not necessarily offensive. To say a four year old girl is “girly” is not offensive or describing a person as gay, if indeed that is there sexual orientation, is not offensive either. Overtime these words have evolved into a negative connotation when used carelessly.

For example, when a person thinks something is stupid or lame they choose to call it retarded. It may not be a personal gab to those that do have mental disabilities but it causes more damage then one would think. Just think about it, if a person saw something they thought ridiculous or foolish and they made a remake saying “That’s so white and stupid” or “That’s so black and lame”. That would be considered highly offensive and it is the same thing when you are calling something stupid “girly”, gay, or retarded.

Junior Lisa Yildrim says,” I cringe when I hear people casually throw around gay or retarded.” Many people do the same. Kara Nelson says,” What is so wrong with being a girl, I don’t get it. So if a guy is weak he’s “girly”. I know plenty of girls that are stronger than guys.” Calling someone a girl has seemed to form a completely new definition then just a gender. Even if you aren’t sexist it really sounds like you are saying “Woman are weak.” If you aren’t trying to be homophobic but you still call people gay in a negative manner, it sounds like you are saying that gay people are bad.

Whether or not you mean to sound this way that is often how it may be interpreted. The world would be a much more respectful and better place if we were more careful choosing words to express ourselves.

One response to “The need to stop stereotypes

  1. I agree with your general points about stereotypes, but I digress when you indicate that it is bad to call something a boy does as “girly”. Boys need to be boys and girls need to be girls.

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