Homecoming 2K14

The North Springs Homecoming dance, or ‘Hoco’ per Instagram, occurred this past Saturday at Tongue and Groove; a night club in Buckhead.
The line into the venue was around the corner. North springs students were clad in their best attire and ready for a night of dancing, friends, and general enjoyment. Thankfully, that’s what they received.
Upon walking into the club you are instantaneously meet with the bass pounding against the soles of your feet. Neon lights frantically flash across each crevice of the club.
Students were furiously dancing with their dates, or groups, and some were even brave enough to dance by themselves. For those who weren’t dancing, they were either talking to their friends about how fantastic the club was or were looking for their other friends.
The DJ was an integral part of making the night a success. He played songs that the students wanted to hear and some that brought back precious memories of elementary and middle school. He was also kind enough to take requests from the students including tracks such as “Poison” by Bel Biv Devoe and “This is How we do It” by Montell Jordan to give the night a little nineties nostalgia.
Amanda Peskin, a junior at North Springs, retorts that it was, “a super cool night; such a great way to get away from school and relax with friends.”

Princess-Zenita-October 27-Picture 1
And indeed the night was. Every student seemed to have enjoyed themselves except for one very disappointing rule. Because the club is so exclusive pictures were, unfortunately, not allowed inside the club.
As an alternative, students stood outside of the club after the dance to make up for their disallowed photo ops. Priya Best also adds that, “The pictures were the only thing I wish would have been different. Other than that the night was perfect.”



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