Dantanna’s Tavern’s three star presentation

Dantanna’s Tavern is a restaurant design that tries to give the customer a “Five-star restaurant experience” at a sports bar. It felt nothing like that.

Though the decor was nice I did not find it to be five star material. While it had nice parts to it, the entire production would not be considered a five-star restaurant. One wall is covered in a very pretty red tile and there are red accents throughout the restaurant. The rest of the restaurant has a modern sleek feel with very angular wood counters and tables. It was less classy and more modern and fun. The flooring and the covers of the booths did not seem to match the décor at all so that is my only interior design critique.

There are also televisions lignes up on the walls, so close they are touching. It was distracting and the televisions seemed to blend together.

The cleanliness of the restaurant was also discussed at my table. Lisa Yildirim, an 11th grader at North Springs, placed her phone on the windowsill (which was less than two feet from my face) and lifted her phone up after eating to see a thick layer of dust covering her phone. She then proceeded to swipe her finger across the windowsill collecting a pile of dust while exclaiming, “Ew! This is so dusty!” Divante Williams, who is an 11th grader at Independence High School, was also sitting with his face close to all the dusty saying, “I really feel like I’m breathing all this stuff in, though.”

Our waitress was at first a young man who was quite friendly but seemed to be in a rush. He began by taking our drink orders like most restaurants and then a young woman rushed to our table and told us our waiter was now off and she was going to be “taking care of y’all” from then on. Assuming she was going to get our drinks, we did not replace the order. She gave us time and returned to take our orders for dinner. It was very difficult to pick somthing I would like because the options were limited. There were not many typical sports bar foods other than three different flavors of chicken wings, chicken tenders, or hot dogs. I feel this took away from the sports tavern experience.

I then decided to order a very delicious sounding white fish with mashed potatoes. Very excited and hungry, my friends and I sat and talked while waiting for the food to come out for what seemed like forever. We looked behind our table to see a group of multiple workers and chefs sitting and chatting like no customers were in the restaurant. This was shocking considering the fact that our food took so long and we never received our drinks. Our very kind waitress repeatedly told us the food was “on the way”.

When it finally did come out, I ate an amazing pan seared carolina trout with lemon caper butter. While the fish was worth the wait, the mashed potatoes still had the peel in it, which I am not a fan of. Sadly I had to enjoy this fish without a drink to wash it down with.

One response to “Dantanna’s Tavern’s three star presentation

  1. This is an accurate review. Their service is quite slow. Their staff is not great at PR. I don’t know about the cleanliness, but I’m with you on the interior design. This is one of the most accurate reviews I have read

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