A Halloween Victory for North Springs

Bad weather is not enough to stop the Spartans as they win another game against the North Atlanta Warriors.

Rain is falling from the sky, and the wind is blowing stronger than it ever has during a Friday night football game. The North Springs Spartans and North Atlanta Warriors take the field after the sporadic rain comes to a stop.

The Spartans start the game off strong with a touchdown in the first quarter securing a seven point lead. Even without the band and the divas for the first minutes of the game, the Spartans still manage to energize their adoring fans.

The warriors come back and match the Spartans touchdown with one of their own. The score stays tied for the remainder of the second quarter.

The rain starts to fall again and the wind blows it across the football field. Spartans and Warriors alike are freezing cold just like the fans in the stands. With the rain falling, the North Springs band leaves the stadium to protect their instruments while the cheerleaders try to give their football players enough momentum to continue on.

The second quarter starts and the North Springs Spartans definitely have yet to lose their drive as they play an exceptional second quarter.

The Spartans get one touchdown after another with sophomore quarterback Rees Viersen heading the pack! Pretty soon the Spartans are up by two touchdowns over the Warriors and the scoreboard reads 7 to 21. The Spartan band strikes up again bringing new life to the second quarter as the Spartan fight song rings through Grady High School’s Stadium.

By halftime, both players, fans, cheerleaders, band members, and dancers are ready to call it a night. One Spartan player even says that the team “huddled up” to keep warm off field during half time.

North Atlanta’s homecoming court comes out to the field despite the fact that several of their umbrellas were blown away during their wait.

After both teams receive what little warmth they can during halftime, the game begins again!

At the start of the second half, it’s like the weather has been sunny all game. The band and cheerleaders try to bring energy to the stadium as they cheer and play for the Spartans.

North Atlanta manages to lessen North Springs two touchdown lead to one as they score during the third quarter. A touchdown, that sadly, their band and fans missed due to their exodus during halftime.

When fourth quarter rolls around, the score is 14-21 Spartans still in the lead. The Spartans score the last touchdown of the game and bring the final score to 14-27 with the Spartans as the victors!

Both teams take the field to exchange friendly words and high fives displaying great sportsmanship on both ends.



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