India’s New Prime Minister: Who he is, Why it matters

India’s new prime minister was elected last summer. His name was Narendra Modi, and he is the leader of India’s Bharatiya Janata Party, the Hindu Nationalist party in India. This is a problem. And it matters.
First consider who Narendra Modi is and his history. He served as the governor of the Gujarat province in western India, where there is a large Muslim population. In 2002, there were race riots between the Muslim population, incited by the Hindu population. There were over one thousand people who died and many more injured, most of them Muslim.

There is no evidence, but it is possible Modi did help incite it, along with his party. Governor Modi did almost nothing to stop the riot. His only remorse was that he could have handled the media better. The media reported the situation as it happened. How was Modi going to change the media? In the Indian Constitution, article 19 states that “All citizens shall have the right…to freedom…speech and expression.” Modi would be acting unconstitutionally to alter any media story.

Examine his party, the Bharatiya Janata Party,  has close associations and ideological views with the far right group Rashtriya Swayamsevak Sangh, a revolutionary group which believes in Hindu nationalism. Its founder based the RSS off the Nazi Party of Germany and the Facist Party of Italy. The Bharatiya Janata Party, sharing this hindu nationalist view, has been suspected to have planned riots against Christians and Muslims.

During one of their protests, they demolished a mosque. This shows a blatant dislike of other religions. They also have been trying to enact a law based on the Hindu social system. This would restrict other religions from following their religious laws, such as Islamic social customs. This is Modi’s hateful party.
Now, he has done some things that are good. During his governance of Gujarat, he got the state up to a point where it was one of the most prosperous in India. He is introducing reforms for the nation now, and it is beginning to help India emerge in the global economy.
President Obama recently threw a state dinner for this man. The United States is buying and becoming further interconnected to India. The US are getting software development and industrial products from India. If history begins to repeat itself, the United States would have been supporting a man who looks down on minorities.
The kids of North Springs should care about who our country interacts with. The Arab Spring was started by a few young kids desperate for change. That change needs to happen now. Spread the word on social media. Go. Do it now. The world will be a better place.