Guess Boo Teacher Edition

Happy Halloween! Can you guess who these guys and ghouls are? You might know them as your teachers, but they were once trick or treaters too!

Post your guesses as a comment below. First person to correctly guess all the teachers’ names by Friday afternoon will win a prize! Make sure to include your first and last name in your comment so we can find you for your reward!

This Contest has ended. Winner to be announced soon!

guess_boo_1guess_boo_2 guess_boo_3 guess_boo_4 guess_boo_5 guess_boo_6guess_boo_7guess_boo_8guess_boo_9

13 responses to “Guess Boo Teacher Edition

  1. 1. Ms. Carares
    2. Mr. Day
    3. Ms. Ferris
    4. Ms. King
    5. Ms. Sauer
    6. Mr. Ferris and sibling Ms. Ferris
    7.Ms. Mcmhan
    9. Mrs. Willis

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