Fun fall festivities

To get in the spirit of Halloween these are fun things to do with friends and family.

Pumpkin Patch & Carving pumpkins:

There are so many local pumpkin patches set up at churches and in fields that sell pumpkins of all shapes and sizes. There is a pumpkin patch set up at the Morgan Falls church near North Springs that sells pumpkins and has a bouncy house set up too!

Haunted house:

For the older crowd, there are haunted houses all over Georgia. Netherworld is one of the most famous places in Atlanta. They change the theme every year and have 2 different houses each year. There is also another famous haunted house called 13 stories. It has 13 levels and each gets progressively scarier throughout the experience.

Apple picking:

There are apple orchards you can go to and pay by the bag/basket and you pick all the apples you can fit in the basket. They’re fresh and you can pick the apples you want fresh off the tree branch!

Corn maze:

Corn mazes are a fun thing to do with little kids. They can run around the maze and you can have a little friendly competition to see who can find their way out the fastest.


Baking goods like pumpkin pies, ghost cookies and festive cupcakes are an easy way to get into the Halloween and Fall spirit! You can simply go to the store and pick up cookie dough for pre-made cookies or make your own tasty sweets from scratch! Almost any dessert recipe imaginable can be found online and made in under one hour!

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