College Visits at North Springs

Hey North Springs seniors, have you still not found the perfect college?

Don’t waste anymore time, North Spring Charter High school is giving students the opportunity to learn about all the different colleges and what they have to offer, as they come to our school to visit .

Ms. Valerie Jackson is the woman in charge and is happy to help students in the College and Career Center. She is located in room E107 , available daily from 8:30 a.m.- 2:00 p.m.

To be apart of the college visits, you must first determine which colleges you would like to sign up for. The list of colleges are all listed on the College and Career Center bulletin board as well as NSCHS website under counseling/calendar. The calendar is frequently updated, its important to go back and check it.

Next, you must pre-register in the College and Career Center 48 hours prior to the college visits. Sign up is in the “College Visit binder”. Your name must be signed under the college you would like to attend.

Then take a “College Visit Permission Slip” , which is also located in the CCC office. One slip for each college visit is needed for each college you want to attend.

The top of the permission has to be completed and also signed by your teacher to confirm your absence. It has to be signed 24 hours in advance. Bring back your permission slip with you to the college visit, most visits will be held in the College and Career Center, the location will be posted the day before the visit on the NSCHS counseling calendar.

With all this information provided I hope this helps you to take the initiative to sign up, you never know you just might find the perfect college that will build and shape your future.

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