Baby Blues

Childbirth is a necessary process in the cycle of life. The safest place to give birth to a child is in a hospital. However, many expecting parents do not think about the extensive hospital bills that come with childbirth.

According to the Agency for Healthcare Research and Quality Healthcare Cost and Utilization Project, the average hospital delivery costs $3,500. This does not even factor in prenatal care, the average cost of which is $2,000. Along with delivery-related and post partum (the period from immediately after a baby’s birth to about six weeks later), the average cost of childbirth in a hospital is, on average. $8,802, according to a study done by Thomson Health Care.

There is no reason to charge women this much for having a baby. Though health insurance takes care of most of the costs for most citizens, what about the women who cannot afford these bills? And if they use all of the money saved up for the baby just for the hospital services, what money are they expected to use to buy things for the child? To keep her baby healthy and safe, a woman must buy a car seat, crib, diapers, clothes, and much more. According to WebMD journalist Heather Hatfield, “A thrifty parent can buy all of this for about $450 by shopping for bargains.”

Vice Principal Adrianna Kimbrel recently gave birth to a son, and the prices she had to pay were overwhelming. “He ended up spending five days in intensive care. Originally it would have cost $3,000 with insurance. It ended up costing $15,000.” said Kimbrel.

The insurance definitely has a large impact on the hospital bills for having a child. “With my insurance in Florida, it cost $600 to have my son there.” said Kimbrel. There is a very large difference between the $600 dollars she had to pay at Florida and the detrimental $15,000 payed to have her most recent child.

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