Top 5 college preparation tips for juniors

College, from first grade, into sophomore year has seemed to be referenced nonstop. Now as a junior , the big decision is nearly here. These next five tips will help with all the steps leading up to it.

Be proactive with your grades.

Although this tip may sound cliché and highly repetitive, it is significant because it is one the most highly weighted factors colleges use in the admissions process. Constantly check Home Access Center (HAC) to keep up with how you are doing in each of your classes. If you see that you are not doing well in one or all of them, ask your teachers if there is anything you can do for extra credit and take advantage any help sessions that they offer.

Begin to select your SAT or ACT test dates.

Many students do not know that there are deadlines for registering either of these tests, until it is too late. Decide what time you think you would be most prepared for the test, and plan your test accordingly. Many colleges require SAT Subject Tests as well, so, in addition, begin to plan a good time for those as well. For each specific date and deadline visit the College Board website or the College and Career Center. Which brings us into the next tip.

Make a habit of visiting the College and Career Center (CCC).

The CCC offers great resources such as, “one-on-one consultant, assistance in resumes, the college search, general college planning, testing information, scholarship information, and summer study programs,” says Ms. Lewis who is in charge of the CCC. The CCC also offers college visits which are a proficient way to learn more about your perspective colleges.

Start researching colleges.

By the end of junior year, you should have your top six colleges, so you’ll know where you will be applying. Go to college websites, see what their requirements are for admission, and schedule tours because these tools will help you to see if a school is the right fit for you.

Most importantly relax.

Yes, junior year is hard but by taking it one step at a time it gets easier. Senior, Clayton Victory advises, “Once you get the hang of it, everything is okay.”

Take a poll below letting us know what factor is most influential to your college decision.

Here is a link to North Springs’ College and Career Center page:
College Board Website:

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