More people switching to online school

By Emma Barhoumi
Staff Writer

With the vast advancement of modern technology, it is not uncommon to see more and more students switching to virtual schooling. High school students that juggle a hobby or sport with school work can really struggle. By switching to online school ,this provides many students more free time to focus on their passion. This is usually the best solution for kids that are intensely devoted to a sport. With many practices and tournaments all over school work is usually not a priority. Online school is very flexible and the student can pick and choose when and where they complete their work.

Online school doesn’t only benefit people with a busy schedule. Kids that lack organization and time management can greatly benefit from online school. They could choose to do a months’ worth of work in a week or a weeks’ worth of work in a month.

“I’m switching to online school because the time teachers give us to complete work is ridiculous. I know I could produce more quality work at home if given a fair amount of time to complete it. Also I’ll have more free time and won’t be as stressed out because I can manage my time. I can focus more on my acting and my grades will not suffer,”said sophomore Dawson House.

Online school is becoming a preferred method to get an education not only for high school student, but also for colleges and to get degrees required for certain jobs. Being able to have the luxury of sitting at home, a coffee shop or virtually anywhere you desire and get an education is the biggest selling point of online school. Many students believe that it is an effective way to get a quality education while still having the freedom and happiness of being at home or the location of their choice.

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