The issue with gerrymandering

By Seth Hochman
Co-Editor In Chief

A term that most people have never heard of has a huge impact on American politics. This term is gerrymandering. Every ten years, the congressional districts are redrawn by the leading party in Congress after the results of the census come out. While this is important, the drawing of these lines can be abused and the term of gerrymandering means the abuse of the drawing of districts.

As a result of gerrymandering, congressional districts are drawn so areas are specifically drawn by party. The land is not split up equally, but they are drawn in very odd ways.


One of the weirdest districts in America

For example, Republicans are grouped together with a very small amount of Democrats in the area and the other way around with Democrats concentrated in a district with no to little Republicans. This leads to congressional gridlock, what exists today. The reason that this congressional gridlock happens is because in these districts, there is little competition between moderate candidates. There is no significant competition, so candidates can advocate for more radical policies.

With fair and equal drawing of congressional districts, less congressional seats will be filled with radicals, and the resulting moderate victors will be ready to compromise and to fix.

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