New standardized test begins this year

By Chandler Bryan
Staff Writer

This year, North Springs has started a new testing system called the SLO (Student Learning Objective), that focuses on student growth. The primary intentions of these tests are to improve the student learning at the classroom level, and student academics. It also provides evidence of each teachers instructional impact on the student learning. The SLO is taken all over Georgia and access knowledge of standards such as Georgia performance standards and the common core Georgia performance standards.

SLOs are an element of the Teacher Keys Evaluation System, a part of the Race To the Top initiative implemented by president Obama. Georgia received nearly 400 million dollars from the U.S department of Education Race To the Top overview. Georgia got money through competitive grant through the U.S department of Education. States applied for grants by submitting proposals to the U.S department of Education.

North springs started their first SLO testing about two weeks ago. Many students had a lot of different opinions on them. Jacob Karsch, 10th grade, said taking the SLO “was a life changing journey.” Other students thought the SLO was very challenging and hard to complete.

“I took three SLOs, and the tests were very difficult because we have not learned that material yet,” Cameron Duke, 10th grade.

The courses that take the SLOs are the classes that do not take the EOCT. Tested classes (classes with EOCTs) do not require the SLO.

Students going in to take the SLO should not be very familiar with the material. It is almost like a pre-test, because it is just testing to see what you know. This then helps the teacher know what they have to teach for your end of the year final. There is a test at the end of the year as well to measure what you have been taught.

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