Hitting or spanking, when does one become the other?


By Emma Barhoumi
Staff Writer

There are many different types of parenting styles. Some people believe that laying a hand on your child is considered child abuse and never the answer, while some believe that physical discipline in moderation is very effective. When a child continues to disobey parental instructions and are given sufficient warnings to stop their behavior and do not listen, then I believe being spanked is a solution.

Obviously you are not going to punch or slap your child in the face, but a spank on the bottom can be really effective. For example, say you have the oven on and the surface is very hot. Your four year old is mature enough to understand that it can hurt them if they touch it, yet continuously walks up to the oven and touches it. After giving them two or three warnings to stop touching it, they do not stop. The next step is time-out.

But, when your child is in time out they scream, cry, keep getting up, etc. That is when a spanking would be the next step.

If you give them plenty of oportunities to stop on their own and refuse to listen I do not think it is unreasonable to spank them. Yes, a little hit on the bottom may cause them to cry more, but it is also a demonstration of authority that is necessary to be addressed. Then the child will realize they do not want to be spanked again and stop their negative behavior.

With the spankings, kids learn that hitting is not okay and only results because of their negative behavior and disobeyal of their parents. No kid wants to be hit, so after a few spankings they realize if they listen to their parents and do the right things, then they will not get a spanking.

I believe peoples opinions on spanking depends on how they grew up. Most people who were spanked as a kid do not see any harm in it, while people who have never been spanked as a kid think it is so cruel and a ridiculous form of correcting negative behavior.


By Chandler Bryan
Staff Writer

There are many ways to discipline your child, but I believe that hitting them is not one of them. We as people teach childs that violence is not the answer, so why would you hit a child, if you are trying to teach them that hitting others is not acceptable. 

Abuse is abuse, no matter how big or how small. When you hit your child, you are teaching them that hitting is acceptable. Hitting your child scares them or hurts them, and could actually lead to mental disorders. According to healthland.time.com pediatrics find that harsh physical punishment increases the risk of mental disorders even if the punishment doesn’t stoop to the level of actual abuse.

Instead of hitting or spanking your child, you should start with a timeout. A timeout will teach them that what they are doing is not ok, and it gives them a chance to reflect on what they did. If this method of punishment doesn’t work, continue trying it.

“I believe putting them in time out is very effective because then they have alone time with no distractions to reflect on what they did, and what they can do to prevent it. Reflecting on what they did can keep them from going back to timeout for another time,” Tamara Kaplin, 10th grade.

Another option for punishing your child without physical harm is to take away some of their privileges. This could mean taking away desert, or television time away at night. This method could be very effective for your child will learn not to make their mistake twice if you take away something they care about.

“I believe that hitting is not acceptable, I do believe in punishment if necessary. I think that taking away something that they care about is a good method, because for me, if I get my phone taken away I will not make the same mistake again. My phone is a privilege, and if taken away I will learn from my mistake,” Julia Rosenthal, 10th grade.

Hitting can damage your self-esteem. It could cause a child to think “what is wrong with me?” “what have I done to deserve this?” children tend to blame themselves when put in situations like this, and that shouldn’t be the case. When growing up, you realize how important your self-esteem is, and no one should ever break that or tear you down. If you want to succeed in life, you need to be confident and not lose self-esteem.






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