Review: Indigo Child by Raury

By Vaughn Cyrus
Sports Editor

The 19 year east atlanta native known as Raury has released a new mixtape known as “Indigo Child”. Raury has created a huge buzz throughout the music world especially in Atlanta.. Indigo Child has brought Raury a lot of attention not just from music lovers but also from record labels. He has just recently signed with Columbia Records.

Some of my favorite songs from “Indigo Child” are Gods Whisper, Supafly and Cigarette Song. In “God’s Whisper” gives us a instant classic. The lyrics make the song good but the instrumental that he uses is just amazing. From the heavy bass to the handclapping in the background. God’s Whisper you can tell Raury put in A+ effort.

On the fourth track named “Supafly” Raury shows his similarities to Kid Cudi. “Supafly” reminds me of a 2014 “Day N” Nite”. Raury shows off his singing talent throughout most of the song while only rapping for a minute or so. He gives this song a summer-ish feel. “Supafly” reminds of a good day at the lake with your close friends knowing that this is the last time you will get to see them before college.

On the ninth song of the thirteen songs we get to hear one of the songs that got Raury the buzz he deserved known as “Cigarette Song”. He sings about his special relationship with a girl. I love the way the song flows. It gives the project another side of who Raury really is.
Indigo Child features a wide variety of genres. From folk to rock and hip hop. He has brought a whole new feel to the Atlanta music scene which is usually filled with “trap” music. Indigo Child is definitely a great start for the star in the making. Raury’s future in the music industry is looking very promising.

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