Preparing for the Sandy Springs Spring with the Wildcats

By Joiya Reid
Staff Writer

Everyone is fired up for the 2014 Sandy Springs Sprint hosted by Woodland Elementary school. Woodland Wildcats show their excitement by organizing two pep rallies two weeks before the actual event. Different grades attended each pep rally. The first was for kindergarten, first, second, and fifth grade. The second was for prekindergarten, third, and fourth grade. Whether they attended the first or the second pep rally, the gym was bursting with excitement and anticipation.

In order to raise awareness and anticipation for the event, a few special guests were invited to Woodland Elementary School. North Springs’ drum line, color guard and cheerleading team came out to party with all of Woodland Elementary. Now both Spartans and Wildcats could learn about the Sandy Springs Sprint.

The drum line played for the students as they walked into the gym in single-file lines, while the cheerleaders welcomed them with bright smiles and high spirits. Every grade level danced to the sound of the drums and waved at the Spartan cheerleaders. When everyone entered the gym, another special guest, the Spartan Divas, put on a spectacular show for the elementary school kids. They performed a few dances with the drum line and even taught the Wildcats a few moves as well!

Ms. Williams, a teacher at Woodland Elementary, says “We absolutely loved the show! It was amazing to watch our students envision themselves in your shoes one day.” Ms. Williams also became an honorary cheerleader as she picked up a pair of pom-poms and danced with the Spartans.

After the performances, the Wildcats sat down with their teachers and began their discussion on the Sandy Springs Sprint. The Sandy Springs Sprint is a 5K run hosted by Woodland Middle School. This year will be the second annual run and the pep rally was a new way to boosts the students’ excitement.

PTA board member over the Sandy Springs Sprint Ms. Cheryl Bohm led the talk about the Sandy Springs Sprint. Bohm opened with saying that the Sandy Springs Sprint is a fundraiser for the school. More specifically she said, “the primary way that we raise money for our school is by doing the Sandy Springs Sprint.” The fundraiser prices are “ten dollars for a kid and twenty dollars for a grown up.” “We are going to have a fun family day that starts at North Springs High School and we are going to block of Spalding Drive and we are going to have a 5K. That’s about three miles,” says Bohm.

Next, the P.E teachers Ms. Carter and Mr. Smith discussed safety with the Woodland Wildcats. Ms. Carter’s first safety regulation was that “the main thing is to remember that you got to say with your family.” Then she addressed the dress code for the run. “We know that you’re going to get a t-shirt, so you’re going to wear that. You also probably need to wear something comfortable, some type of shorts,” says Carter.

All geared up and ready, the Woodland Wildcats anxiously count down the days until the second annual Sandy Springs 5K. Thanks to their special guests, the students are more excited than ever.

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