Concert Review: Ed Sheeran

By Ellenina Iacobucci
Staff Writer


Ed Sheeran, on a US tour had a stop in Atlanta and I was lucky enough to attend the entertaining and emotional show.

Sheeran is a redheaded English singer-songwriter that you have probably heard of. He is the writer of the heart wrenching song A-team and the radio hit Sing!. When listening to these songs it became evident that Sheeran’s life is out of a 90’s teen drama. Sheeran’s scruffy hair, ungroomed beard, and serenading voice makes him the perfect candidate to be the nice guy who finishes last.

Sheeran defines the term “one man band”. Using his arms ,he strums the acoustics of the song and using his feet he tapped different buttons creating the different beats of the song. Though Ed Sheeran is just one man, he filled the stage with amazing visuals in the background.


“It was simplistic on the stage and exciting in the background and this is what made the show entertaining, surprisingly to me since i assumed one man on a stage would be boring,” said twenty year old Mandy Propins.


Sheeran engaged the crowd with many “i-say-oh-you-say-it-backs” and had the goal of “making you guys [the audience] lose your [our] voices.” And he was successful, for me atleast.


Sheeran also surprised many of us who hadn’t listened to many of his songs by rapping and doing it well. He kept to the beat perfectly, never stumbled over his words (which  I found surprising considering the speed at which he rapped), was incredibly lyrical and did this all while sounding like the angel vocalist that he is.


Yes you read that right, Ed Sheeran is a rapper. I was shocked too. He had the whole audience singing along and nodding their heads at the parts where his rhymes gained too much speed and I was sitting there with my jaw hanging to the floor. He became not only a perfect vocalist but also a perfect rapper in my eyes. I gained another level of appreciation for Sheeran at this moment.


Sheeran’s voice sounds exactly like the voice you hear on the radio. He nailed every vibrato and high note marvelously. His breathing technique also made it so that when he took a breath we couldn’t hear it. This made every word flow smoothly and seamlessly out of his mouth.

I do have one statement of criticism. Though his visuals were engaging and interesting, they often became redundant when the same graphic played for the whole 4 minutes or so of a song. A time during the concert, Sheeran had a graphic that repeated unintentionally I assume, made his face look like it was covered in dirt. This did not seem to bother anyone but me, as the crowd continued to jump up and down screaming.


The engagement of the crowd during his saddest songs, is what made his concert as amazing as could be. As the night came to an end, it seems every member of the audience had their smartphone flashlight in the air as he sang his concluding ballad A-team.

This magical sight gave the event its perfect finale.

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