Early release days hit North Springs

By Seth Hochman

Co-Editor in Chief

While the schedule of North Springs students remains very similar to the schedule students faced in the 2013-2014 school year, there are two significant changes to North Springs’ scheduling. The first starts with the starting and finishing times of school. North Springs, like every other high school in Fulton County had the start of school moved from 8:25 to 8:20, and 3:35 to 3:30. This results in the same amount of instructional time, but the slight shift took place due to the desire for unanimity among schools in Fulton County. Many students have liked this small change to the schedule including senior Hayley Katzenstein. “I get to school early anyways because of traffic so starting school five minutes earlier doesn’t make a difference for me in being late or not, and then it’s nice to get out five minutes earlier than I’ve been used to for the past three years so I can get home,” commented Katzenstein.

While all the high schools start at 8:20 and go to 3:30, middle schools and elementary schools have also had their start and finish times changed. All elementary schools now start off bright and early at 7:40 AM, and they close out at 2:20 PM. The middle school students start later than both the elementary and high school students. They start off at 8:55 AM and finish their day at 4:05 PM.

The other significant change that happened to North Springs’ schedule was the start of early release days which will happen six times throughout the school year. The first early release day happened on September 3rd with students being released at 1:40 PM. The rest of the early release days will happen in October, November, January, February, and April. Coinciding with the early release days are block days. Whenever there is a week with an early release, there is also block scheduling on Tuesdays and Wednesdays. On Tuesdays, Spartans attend eighty five minute first, third, fifth, and seventh period with a forty minute SPARTA period where students will be enriched in their third period class for the first semester, and their fifth period class for their second semester. On Wednesdays, students have second, fourth, and six periods. They are then released for the day to go home. Students have been loving the early release days. “I think it is really great because I can relax and hang out with my friends and not have to do homework right after school,” remarked junior Rachel Kaufman.

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