Should Classes be Offered to Prepare for Life?

By Trevor Langill
Staff Writer

Should classes that would prepare people for life after college be offered at North Springs to help students with life after they finish school? I believe so.

Generally, beginning college students borrow money to pay for college. But what most students do not think about is the interest payments; they may not even know what interest even is. According to Forbes, the Stafford student loan, a loan that is government sponsored, has an interest rate of 4.66%, a 0.8% increase since the beginning of 2013. Direct PLUS loans, another type of government loan, have a whopping 7.21% interest rate. Students often do not understand exactly what these mean, which can lead to them being in more financial debt. A class on finances and banking would help educate them to what interest is, and save them money in the future.

Learning basic household and cooking skills is another important thing to learn. It is important for people to know how to cook more than basic food items such as eggs and ramen noodles. Proper cooking will lead to healthier lives and more general knowledge as many people stay at home. Other household skills like cleaning and doing laundry are very important. It is quite simplistic. Many people still don’t know these rudimentary skills that will help all of us in the future.

Schools need to have these classes, for the betterment of all teens everywhere. Education serves to better us for the future, so why shouldn’t we have classes that really prepare us?

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