Schedule Change Chaos at North Springs

By Joiya Reid
Staff Writer

An influx of students from all over Fulton County to North Springs has inhibited the schedule changing process so far this year. The first days of school usually come and go without a hitch, but that’s not always the case. Several North Springs students spent their days in counselors’ rearranging their schedule in a process that has taken days, even weeks, to complete. Both students and counselors are feeling the pressure.

In some cases students are taking classes taken the previous years. Senior Maxwell Thornton was given AP Language and Composition instead of AP Literature, a class most seniors must take. Maxwell says he waited “a week and a half of constantly trying” before any changes were finally made. From the student’s point of view, schedule changes should happen within one week, but the process is more complicated and stressful than students understand.

Several things are taken into account when schedule changes occur including holes and repeating periods in the schedule, magnet requirements, graduation requirements, and placement in classes that the student actually wants to take.

The larger number of students, the quicker a class fills up, and the class becomes unavailable to other students. In order to level classes out, new teachers were hired to teach the same subject. However, this also meant that other subjects received less attention. If a class receives less attention, it is only taught one or two periods in the day. Students who want to take the class but don’t want to rearrange anything in their schedule get angered when things do not work out.

Counselor 2

Unfortunately there isn’t much counselors can do to fix schedules when classes are not level or only offered a certain period. If the class rearrangements do not create more issues counselors take care of schedules right away. Senior Ayanna Jenkins witnessed the counselor’s speedy work in changing her schedule and addressing her issues “right away.”

When the class rearrangements do not work, more problems occur. In the end, counselors and students have to evaluate every possible class to fit into a new schedule for the student. If the student is still unhappy with their schedule and changes their minds, the process starts all over again. So not only do full classrooms and limitations on class periods hinder the schedule changing process, but indecisive students do as well.

It’s safe to say that the schedule changing process has been a throne in everyone’s side. Ideas on how to mitigate the chaos of the process next year are already coming through. A counseling favorite Ms. McMahan, says that “definitely with magnet it’s gonna be a lot easier because we have a magnet coordinator.” Now magnet students with questions about classes and credits can see Mrs. Lewis, the magnet coordinator, a specialist on math and science and performing arts magnets.

Next year, the counselors will try to be well versed in the way North Springs works and schedule changes will happen at a faster, expedited rate.

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