The North Springs bug

Just only three weeks into school, and lots of students already walk to halls of North springs high school with sore throats, loud coughs, and runny noses. It seems that everyone has caught this sick bug going around, could it be the school or the students.

Anthony Farmer, head custodian of north springs high school’s assistant of four years decided to give us a little insight gave and her opinion. “It’s a shame how the students treat the school, it’s not us who are responsible, we clean the school every day. It’s the students.

I asked her where she considers the most unsanitary place of NSCHS to be, she says, “the restrooms, they spit in the sinks and leave it there, they don’t flush the toilets nor, wash their hands, or even throw their tissues in the trash. That’s what is contributing to the sicknesses, she says because students are breathing in all this bacteria which is causing you all to get sick.”

Germs are being spread every day when someone touches contaminated objects that have germs. The most common thing for people to do then is touch their eyes, nose, and mouth.

This can result to all the illnesses/viruses going around such as Swine Flu, Strep throat Bronchitis, URI’s (upper respiratory infections) and any other illnesses caused by bacteria and fungi, that can be transmitted from one person to another. It is a known fact that viruses increase during the wintertime and when being crowded indoors together, and with us being the big school that we are it is important that we all stay healthy and germ free.

So to all the North springs high school student body and faculty members, I think that we all as a SPARTAN NATION should come up with ways to improve our schools cleanliness , for the health and safety of everyone.

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