Stop pollen from ruining your plans

By Jordan Lewis

Staff Writer


Are you feeling symptoms of sneezing, itchy throat, runny nose, watery eyes, and nasal congestion? If so, you should stay indoors on sunny days and away from as much pollen as possible. If you are desperate in need to overcome Pollen allergies, try these few tips below to escape the damage of your nose.

1. Check the Pollen Count Ratings

You cannot believe it is spring, you are sitting indoors and there is an urge to frolic in the meadow. Before you do that, first check the pollen count online.

Fact: During April in Atlanta pollen counts were in the extreme 5200’s.

2. Good days to go outside on

It is not good to go out on dry windy days, instead go outside after a rain shower. After a rain shower, moisture helps clear pollen from the air.

3. Wash Clothing

Particles of pollen spread throughout an area, so after coming in from daily activities wash your clothing. Remember to dry your clothes indoor during pollen season.

4. Take a Shower

After being attacked by pollen you may feel the need to take a shower, so do it! After your shower close the window and lay in bed.

Fact: Taking a shower can relieve your congested nose of pollen.

5. Wear an Allergy Mask

A lot of people hate wearing a  mask because of the attention it attracts and the simple fact that they are hideous! Although the masks are hideous, wear them when needed! People who are sneezing and are covered with mucus will envy you.

Fact: You can always decorate your mask with  little arts and crafts.

Pollen is not something wanted but is needed for the environment.The bees need to do there job of plant reproduction, I do not believe the pollen physically wants to torment you. You may think the pain and suffering of constant sneezing is worth the beautiful sights of summer, but remember there are ways to beat pollen this year.


One response to “Stop pollen from ruining your plans

  1. omg. Thanks you guys! That seriously really helped. This is my first year experiencing pollen!

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