1st Annual Senior Olympics a great success

This past Friday, May 2nd, 2014, North Springs held the first annual “Senior Olympics”. This event was planned by the Sophomore Class Council, which is led by President Rebecca Neish. This event was supposed to be a day of fun for the Senior Class. Dr. Ruiz originally came up with the idea for Senior Olympics at North Springs,” commented Sophomore Class Vice President Abby Schwartz, “He had done this at the school he was at last. We started planning for this event in early March, and we started advertising for this event in early April,” continued Schwartz.

The Senior Olympics had twenty teams participating, with each team having six members each. Within those twenty teams, there was one team led by teachers and staff.  The seniors had the opportunity to form their own team, with registration closing for teams in early to mid April. Teams came up with creative names for their teams, such as “Victorious Secret”, “Abusement Park”, or one team, led by principal Dr. Ruiz and five other staff members, the “Senior Citizens Spartans”. The team that ended up winning the Senior Olympics was team “6 foot 7 led by Peter Goginsky as their captain. Their team named will be engraved on the Senior Olympics cup.

There were ten events at the Senior Olympics, as well as a food station sponsored by PTSA with them catering lunch. Sophomore Class Council provided snow cones and cotton candy in addition to the lunch provided by PTSA. The events at Senior Olympics varied, but some of them included a dizzy bat contest, a water balloon toss, and a race in a huge inflatable. In general, the participating seniors had a blast. I just had a great time at Senior Olympics. It was one of my favorite days at North Springs, and I loved how it unified the senior class the day before Prom,” commented Senior Ariana Lewis. At each event, two teams competed against each other, and after they both completed the event, the team that won the event got a point. At the end, the teams with the most points faced off in a tug-of-war to be proclaimed as the champion of the Senior Olympics.

The rationale behind Sophomore Class Council leading and planning the event was to get the members of the Council to get experience planning a large event, as they will have to plan prom next school year. “It was a great way for us to learn about leadership and get involved with the school,” added Schwartz.

All in all, Senior Olympics was a grand success. “Senior Olympics went really well! All of Sophomore Class Council worked really hard to plan it, and [we] wouldn’t of been able to do it without all of the volunteer’s help,” remarked Sophomore Class President, Rebecca Neish.

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