Prom is in less than a week – still need an idea on how to ask?

By Chandler Bryan
Staff Writer


With prom being just one week away, you have a little time still to ask your dream date! There are so many creative and easy ways to ask your date!

You can always make their favorite cookies and spell out prom with the cookies! You could put sticky notes all over their car and write prom on them, or even order a pizza and spell out prom with pepperonis!

There are also a lot more ways to ask them if you want to be more creative! For example,  if your date is into sports you could some how incorporate that into the way you ask them. You could also surprise them when they get home one night and have prom spelled out in candles on the driveway! Also, you could decorate the inside of their locker so when they open it, it’s a huge surprise! Another idea is doing a cute scavenger hunt, and you should be the last location with a cute way to ask her to prom.

Prom is coming up very soon, and there are so many ways to ask someone to prom!

If you are interested in more creative ideas, check out this website:


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