Holocaust education in school important; Jewish Culture Club visits Anne Frank Museum

By Seth Hochman

Co-Editor in Chief

While the Holocaust happened in the early 1940s, it is important to remember what happened, and as well, to learn about what happened. Holocaust education in the United States compared to other countries in the world is good, but sometimes, it is not at a great level. As a Jewish teenager, learning about the Holocaust is important because it directly relates to other Jewish people, however, it should be important for everyone to learn because it teaches about the importance of tolerance and respect in the world.

At North Springs, there are limited methods to learn about the Holocaust. However, recently the Jewish Culture Club of North Springs visited the Anne Frank Museum. For people that are not sure about who Anne Frank is, she was a Jewish teenager who lived in Amsterdam for most of her life. She is famous for writing The Diary of Anne Frank and her diary tells about the occupation of the Netherlands, her life as a Jew in Nazi-occupied territory, and her hiding from the Nazis.

In Late March, the North Springs Jewish Culture Club visited the Anne Frank Museum to learn about her life. “We went because it was hands-on learning about the Holocaust,” commented Varda Sauer, faculty advisor of the Jewish Culture Club. A good amount of students went to the museum, where they learned about the Holocaust in a manner that was hands-on and was experiential learning. They saw lots of pictures from the Holocaust and learned from an experienced guide. “Going to the Anne Frank exhibit taught me more about my background and history. I was able to connect with her stories and the photographs all throughout the exhibit. I enjoyed being able to connect with my history, surrounded by my friends and teachers,” commented Ilana Sturisky, the Jewish Culture Club President.

Not many classes at North Springs teach directly about the Holocaust. Even classes such as World History and AP World History do not focus a lot on the Holocaust. For example, the College Board Course Description for AP World History, which the test is based on, mentions the Holocaust only once. Six million people were killed in the Holocaust, but according to the College Board, it deserves only a few minutes of time in the whole year. Even the textbook used for North Springs High School for AP World History, The Earth and Its’ People 5th Edition, which is supposed to cover a wide range of topics from the course of human history, covers the Holocaust in only one paragraph.

Holocaust education is important. It is shameful that a textbook that is supposed to cover so much only covers such a pivotal topic with a paragraph, while it also covers Mexican movements in the Western United States during WWI with a paragraph. Six million deaths is much more important than Mexican migration during WWI. Holocaust education needs to be prioritized, as it shows why tolerance and respect towards all people is important.


The North Springs Jewish Culture Club visits the Anne Frank Museum

The North Springs Jewish Culture Club visits the Anne Frank Museum

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