It is time to cut the Yik Yak with Yik Yak

By Chandler Bryan

Staff Writer

New social networking apps such as Snapchat, Whisper, Tinder and Yik Yak are becoming quite popular among young adults, and recently those apps have become problematic, inappropriate and dangerous to those who use the app, especially young adults.

Yik Yak is an app where you can anonymously post whatever you want, and your message is sent to the closest 500 yakers within 5 miles of your location. The app was originally created for college students to post about upcoming events on campus, share news, and create study groups.  Since its creation, the way of its use has gotten out of hand.

On March 6, 2014 in South Coast, California, a campus lock down at San Clemente High School was placed early that day after an anonymous bomb threat was posted on Yik Yak. The lock down occurred shortly after the posting around nine a.m. and was lifted at one p.m.

Although the app Terms of Services state “You must be at least 17 years old to download this app,” middle and high school students has caught on to the works of the app and started “yaking.” Yaking has led to users experiencing threats and cyber bullying.

In Georgia, Susan Opferman, principal of Webb Bridge Middle School in Fulton County wrote a letter to parents warning them about the new app and encouraging them to talk to their children about not only Yik Yak’s dangers, but the dangers of social media. The school district has blocked Yik Yak from its network, but Principal Susan Opferman has said that students have found ways around that too.

Just in 2014, there have been threats at three Mobile County high schools, a bomb threat at Riverwood High School, and as a result Roswell High School, Walton High School, and many other schools across the United States have banned Yik Yak.

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