Confederate license plate the wrong direction

By Quan Lathan
Staff Writer

In late-February, Georgia introduced a newly designed license that immediately stirred controversy among Georgia residents. The Georgia division of Sons of Confederate Veterans requested the new plate design, which the Georgia Department of Revenue approved.

The group’s previous license plate showcased a smaller version of the flag while the new one features a much larger one that covers the entire plate. The official artwork is shown below:

Confederate license in Georgia

Spokesman Ray McBerry stated that the license was not made with intentions to offend anyone, but for people to honor their heritage – “they had the right to do so if they please.”

The confederate flag was used to represent the 13 Confederate states of America, states that seceded from the rest of the country during the period of the civil war due to economic, social, and political differences. The south wanted to become an independent nation, and a major source of contention was the outright support of slavery in Southern states.

Confederate States of America

Firstly, I believe the license plate design represents racism because when people think of the confederate flag they think of the southern states and how slavery was a huge part of their economy and income. People that have had ancestors who were previously slaves may take a huge offense to it.

Releasing this plate may make some people feel that the state of Georgia is promoting ideas like racism and segregation.

The Confederacy is not something that we should ever try to promote. I understand that some people may see it as a sign of heritage, but others see it as a reminder of struggle and oppression.

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