Imagine Dragons rocks out Atlanta

By Aubrey Meadows

Opinions Editor

Atlanta welcomed Imagine Dragons along with its opening act, The Naked and Famous, Wednesday, February 26 to Phillips Arena. The New Zealand band started off the night filled with energy.


Photo By: Aubrey Meadows

The moment the lights dimmed and you could see figures entering the stage, the entire arena got to their feet and cheered. “I loved Dan Reynolds evergy!” said freshmen Tamara Kaplin. “The way he performed was outstanding and the flashing lights and bright colors added an amazing touch.”

Opening with the rock song “Hear Me”, Reynolds used the stage to interact with fans.  The set list consisted of the band’s most popular songs, including It’s Time, Radioactive and Demons. The band performed less well-known songs for “the fans who have been with them since the beginning,” including River and Amsterdam. They also sang Who We Are, a song that was featured in “The Hunger Games: Catching Fire” soundtrack.


Photo By: Aubrey Meadows

There was a solemn part of the night where Reynolds sang 30 Lives in memory of Tyler Robinson. Robinson battled cancer from the age of 12 and passed away at age 17. He met the band three years ago and told them while he was in chemotherapy, their songs were what made him strong and helped him get through it. “It gave everyone something to think about and made me appreciate the fact that I was able to go see the concert that much more,” said Kaplin.

Atlanta has always been a favorite for the band considering it is Daniel Platzman’s- drummer for Imagine Dragons- hometown. The last time they were in town was last February where they performed at the Tabernacle, a smaller venue that is just a couple blocks from Phillips Arena.

The past year has been an exciting one for the band from being relatively unknown to the general public to having a sold out tour. In the middle of the concert, Reynolds began to serenade the audience, completely acappella with the song My Fault. As the crowd sang back the words to him, he smiled and admitted that was the only time on tour he sang that song. This act shows how much the band missed playing at the city of Atlanta.


Photo By: Aubrey Meadows


Photo By: Aubrey Meadows


Photo By: Aubrey Meadows


Photo By: Aubrey Meadows

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