New Spanish teachers succeed at North Springs

With the departure of Spanish teacher Enhicis Viamonte to Florida to live with her family and Foreign Language Chair Andrea Perez because of medical issues, North Springs needed to hire two new Spanish teachers to take over their positions for the Spring semester.

   In January, North Springs has hired two new teachers to fill these vacant positions. One of the new arrivals is Adriana Carvajal. Originally from Costa Rica, she moved to the United States as an adult with no prior knowledge of English. Previously teaching at a middle school, she most recently taught at an elementary school.

   Carvajal now teaches Spanish 2, 3, and 4, taking over most of Viamonte’s old classes. “I am very excited to teach at North Springs High School because it is a magnet school and I feel like the students are better so it motivates me as a teacher,” said Carvajal.

    The other new Spanish teacher at North Springs is Patrick Batubenge. He came from the Congo to the United States in 1995 and speaks many languages including French, Spanish, and English.  He has taught high school for the last fourteen years in Dekalb County and is looking forward to the transition.  “I am very excited to teach at this school,” said Batubenge.

   Spanish teacher Laura Romero-Mondragon’s schedule was adjusted to accommodate Perez’s departure, now teaching higher level classes. “I am very excited for the opportunity to teach my new classes. Unfortunately, we lost two good teachers, but we have two new great teachers. I know my students from my old classes are in good hands,” said Romero.

   Romero and Latin teacher Keegan Potter are now the most seasoned members of North Springs’ foreign language team with a total of a year and a half each.

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