Hundreds ill on cruise ships

By Quan Lathan
Staff Writer

On Friday, January 31st, it was reported that hundreds of passengers on two cruise ships fell ill due to a norovirus contamination while sailing the Caribbean. The Center for Disease Control and Prevention reported that more than 600 passengers and crew fell ill with the virus on Royal Caribbean’s ship, Explorer of Seas. The quick spread of the virus caused the ship to return to the port Wednesday, two days earlier than its expected return and the CDC began investigation shortly after that. It was also reported that the source of the virus has not been identified and the chances of identification are little to none.

The second cruise line, the Caribbean Princess, which is operated by the Princess cruises, also returned to port, cutting short its seven-day vacation. It was said that 178 passengers and 11 crew members fell sick on the Princess cruise line. The CDC began sanitizing the ship on Friday.

The cruise line’s official reason for returning early was not necessarily the virus outbreak, but because of a predicted forecast of fog this weekend.

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