Foreign is next to home

By Jordan Lewis

Staff Writer

To be an “exchange” student means that an institution has accepted a student that has applied to programs like AFS (American Field Service), ISE (International Student Exchange), Ayusa, CCI (Community College Initiative), and ASSE (American Scandinavian Student Exchange).

     Who are exchange students? Many exchange students travel to a country they have never visited to learn a new language, or feed into the many cultures around the world. Exchange students live with a family or in a designated place. Tuition costs can be very expensive, so a lot of submitters apply for scholarships. The adventures in traveling these students experience are the most exciting and enthusiastic moments in their life.

From Austria, Vienna

Alina Teskey

Alina Teskey, a sophomore from Austria, Vienna has always wanted to view the world, learn new cultures and values of the United States. Although trying to get around town, and becoming friends of people you have never met before can be challenging, Teskey finds a benefit from this experience and is able to enhance her learning in the English language, and receive good grades. Teskey believes North Springs class schedule is less complicated than her old schools schedule in Austria, which consist of fifteen to sixteen classes a day. Teskey was lucky enough to get into AFS.

Quick Fact: What Alina finds hilarious is her friends and acquaintances sometimes mistaken Austria, as Australia!

From Denmark

Amalie Lyster

Amalie Lyster from Denmark, north of Europe, first discovered her liking in traveling when she lived in Thailand at the age of ten. At first Lyster had troubles being social, but learned when you are an exchange student all eyes are on you, so because of that everyone wants to know where you are from, what is it like there and what is your story? Lyster  has no choice other than to be social.

Quick Fact: When Lyster first came to North Springs a guy said to her “Wow girl, you are thick!” Lyster thought he was calling her fat, but she asked her good friend and he said it was a compliment!

Kira schmidt

Kira Schmidt

“To be an exchange student is an amazing opportunity, but pretty challenging! Everything is different, I felt lost in the beginning, but I got used to the difference pretty quick and because everyone was so open, nice, and helpful. I felt very welcomed!  I really appreciate the chance to have this experience. I’m very grateful I got this opportunity and I just love being a foreign student in the States,” said Schmidt.

Quick Fact: In Germany Schmidt cannot choose her classes herself. School in Germany ends at 1pm, and there are not any school sports.

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