Evolving politics in Georgia


Nunn currently leads polls for Congress

Nunn currently leads polls for Congress

   With Georgia voting Republican in the presidential elections since 1992 and all of Georgia’s senators being male and Republican, many people would be surprised that there is a woman running for senate that is a Democrat and is doing fairly well in the pre-elections polls. Her name is Michelle Nunn, and she is the daughter of former Georgian senator Sam Nunn. Sam Nunn last ran in 1990, and since then there has been very few Georgian democrats in Washington D.C.

    With current Republican senator Saxby Chambliss electing not to re-run for one of the two senator positions from Georgia, there are plenty of people that are in contention for this seat. Ms. Nunn has announced her candidacy, and has approximately $3.3 million dollars in the bank, meaning that she can spend a lot of money on advertisements and other forms of promotion of herself.

    Ms. Nunn has a lot better of a chance of winning the election because of the turning demographic change in the state of Georgia. Back when demographic population statistics were taken in 2000, Georgia had 75% as white, who are often Republican voters, but when statistics were taken in 2012, the number dropped to a low of 61%. This decreased number of caucasian people obviously means that there are increased African-American and Hispanics residing in Georgia. In general, African-Americans and Hispanics voted for democrats in the 2012 political season, with 93% of African-American voting for Barack Obama in the presidential election, and 71% of Hispanic people voting for Barack Obama. Comparatively, white people voted only 39% of the time for Obama. With the increased diversity, it is speculated that Georgia will go from a red state (republican) to a purple state (swing state).

    Ms. Nunn will undoubtedly try to take advantage of this increased diversity; and she already has by courting African-American and Hispanic voters. She has started doing some fundraising with Representative John Lewis, an African-American civil rights leader in the 1960s.

   Ms. Nunn has already distanced herself from President Obama though in some regards with saying part of the Affordable Care Act is bad, and not fully supporting same-sex marriages; leaving it up to the states to decide whether they want to allow for same-sex marriage in their respective areas.

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