Science Fair success at North Springs


North Springs students advance to State Science Fair

   Every year, hundreds of North Springs students compete at the North Springs Science Fair. Most of these students do this for the Introduction to Research Methods class taught freshman year as part of the magnet program, but also many students are sophomores and upperclassmen. At the North Springs Science Fair, ten students won first place and advanced to the Fulton County level of competition that happened in early February. The students that advanced were freshmen Alasdair Boney, Yasmina Dagher, Rees Viersen, Jack Gersten, sophomores Rachel Kaufman and Lily Sandler together in one project, juniors Madhu Baskaran and Meagan Ford, with seniors Chris Pettis who worked with Ford, Sarah Katz, Elliot Salzberg, Olivia Sachs, and Maddie Spitzler as one team, and Alex Taylor and LE Laupus together as one team.

    The Fulton County Science Fair happened February 7-8th at North Springs Charter High School. Most of the judging took place on the 8th, with the interviews of the students and the award ceremony to announce who would advance to the State level competition in March. Three teams from North Springs will advance from this competition.

   The first team that advanced was made up of a single member; senior Sarah Katz. Her project was “The Effect of Coronal Mass Ejections via Atmospheric Weak Spots”. It was a project that tested whether coronal mass ejections are the cause of excess lightning in the tropical areas of the world. Katz proved this through combining two theories. She found that when coronal mass ejections hit the Van Allen belt, electricity went through the upper and lower atmosphere. These coronal mass ejections affected the Van Allen belt, which affected the atmosphere, which eventually affected the amount of lightning in the tropics. This project was in the Physics and the Astronomy category.

   The second team that advanced were seniors Maddie Spitzler, Olivia Sachs, and Elliot Salzberg. Their project was “The Effect of Topical Acne Medication on Bacterial Growth”  and it was in the category of Microbiology. In their project, they tested various topical acne medications on bacterial growth. Different acne medications were tested on types of bacteria, and in general, the prescription acne medication did better than the non-prescription acne medicine.

   The third group were sophomores Rachel Kaufman and Lily Sandler. They got second place in the competition, but because of their outstanding project they received second place honors, getting a chance to advance to the next competition. Their project was “Plasmid Uptake and Recombinant DNA Expression in E. coli”. It was placed in the cellular and microbiology category. It basically was a project where foreign DNA was put into E. coli cells to make them resistant to ampicillin and glow under UV light. “It was a huge success”, commented Kaufman.

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