Top Five Olympic Moments for the U.S.

By Emma Barhoumi
Staff Writer

5-Partners Charlie White and Meryl Davis won gold on February 17, in Figure Skating. Charlie and Meryl have been skating partners since nine years old, and 17 years later they are gold medalists.

“We’ve grown up together in every sense of the word,” Davis said, “and I’m just so grateful that we were able to do it together.”

4- Joss Christensen (gold), Gus Kenworthy (silver) and Nick Goepper (bronze) swept the podium in men’s slope style skiing. This was the third time in U.S. Winter Olympics history, the U.S. won all three medals in the same event.

  3- U.S. athlete Maddie Bowman was the first-ever person in women’s half pipe freestyle skiing to win a gold medal. This event is new to the Olympics this year making her accomplishment more recognizable.

  2- Ted Ligety is the first U.S. male alpine skier to win two Olympic gold medals. Ted won the combined event at the 2006 Olympics in Turin and this year he won gold in the men’s giant slalom at Sochi. Ligety is also a four-time (2008, 2010, 2011, 2013) World Cup champion in giant slalom.

1-The U.S. Men’s Hockey match against Russia was one of the most anticipated games and one to remember. In overtime with the score still tied, 2-2, the two countries went into a shootout. T.J. Oshie scored four times on six tries in an eight-round shootout for the U.S. He single-handedly won the game against Russia for the U.S. team by scoring all goals in the shootout and advancing team U.S.A to the quarterfinals.

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