Ask the Oracle

Dear Oracle,

How can I avoid drama at school?

                                                  – Anonymous

Ask the oracleHi Anonymous,

Avoiding drama at school can be really hard to do, especially in high school. Here are five tips on how to avoid drama at school.

1. In high school, you need to know who to trust with personal things, such as a trustworthy group of friends.

2. Keep secrets, if someone tells you something they do not want others knowing, respect that.

3. Avoid arguing with others; give up the need to always be right.

4. Do not lie! Even when you feel you have to, it will always cause more problems then what you are trying to prevent.

5. Lastly, do not be an instigator. Let people figure out their problems by them self, do not get involved in drama, ever.

Sincerely, The Oracle

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