Write Bright: a Junior Achievement company


Junior Achievement (JA),  specifically the JA Fellows Program, offers a unique opportunity for self-motivated high school students to gain an in-depth, hands-on experience that helps them become tomorrow’s entrepreneurs and leaders. Students form companies, sell stock to raise capital, design and manufacture a product or service, market their product(s) and liquidate the company at the end of each year.

Write Bright is a JA company lead by North Springs junior Ali Shutzberg as President, and also employs the following students from North Springs: junior Yoni Weinberg as Vice President of Marketing; junior Jay Edlin as Vice President of Finance; junior Emma Spiegel in the production department; and sophomore Luke Muehring in the marketing department.

As members of the 2014 JA fellows program, we, the UPS 2 group would like to introduce our company Write Bright. Our business this year is marketing a multi-functional pen with three different capabilities: a pen, a stylus for touch screen devices, and an LED flashlight.

As a company focused on innovation, we decided to stray away from the common focus on production innovation, and instead Write Bright is focused on innovation in the marketing department. To achieve this focus, we selected small businesses and corporations as our target market; created multiple commercials to reach our to our customers; created a Facebook page to promote ourselves and other Write Bright supporters; and created a website that customers can access for basic information and contact information.

In our efforts, we have successfully marketed and sold to many individuals and corporations with over 2,000 units sold, and over $10,000 in sales revenue. After liquidation, we are donating 10% of all proceeds to Children’s Healthcare of Atlanta as a way to support our local community. Write Bright and its members are always dedicated to learning about business and working as an ethical individual, as to fulfill the honor of the JA program and as prospective career professionals.


Write Bright Flyer

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