Cruelty uncovered at Sea World

By Chandler Bryan
Staff Writer

To the eyes of the visitors, the Sea World Orca Show is an amazing show put on by professional trainers and well-trained orcas. Behind the scenes, there is so much going on that the viewers in the audience don’t get to see.

CNN has recently released a documentary Blackfish on October 24th exposing many different abuses involving the Orcas at Sea World. The documentary covers a wide range of topics, including how they catch the whales, house them, feed them, and train them. Blackfish was recently released on Netflix in early December, and it is now one of Netflix’s most watched programs.

During the Rose Bowl Parade to celebrate the New Year, thirty-three people were arrested because they tried to protest against the Sea world Float. People were upset with the treatment of the animals and wanted Sea World to change their policies to make sure the animals are treated better.

Keeping an animal like the Orca in a tank the size of 19 to 22 ft. is like keeping a human in a bathtub for its entire life. Many people consider this to be an inhumane act and want these animals to be treated better. When they are not in a show, they are kept in a tank where they can barely move.

Research shows that after a certain amount of time, it is likely that animals kept in an extremely small cage or area will likely suffer a breakdown and have a violent reaction. Some of the Orcas at Sea World have hit this breaking point and attacked Sea World trainers. As recently as 2010, one Sea World trainer was killed by one of the Orcas named Tilikum. Protesters have called for his freedom because he has killed people before but Sea World refuses.

Part of the documentary would shock the common viewer. It was so easy for Sea World to take a baby orca from its mother. Many viewers thought it was depressing, because it is never okay to take a baby from its mother, and seeing the mother’s reaction was heartbreaking.

Another shocking thing was the way Sea World lied to everyone, including their own trainers. The owners of Sea World told people that all the trainers’ deaths were their own fault. For example, one woman by the name of Dawn was a huge impact on the orcas and Sea World. During a performing in front of a live audience, she started to run low on fish and the orca could tell and got very aggravated. He took her by the pony tail and dragged her around, witnesses calling it horrifying and tragic. News stories showed it was the fault of the trainer as she slipped in the pool, but when people look back at videos and ask witnesses what they saw, this was not the case. It was the whale’s aggravation and aggressive behavior that caused this tragic death.

If people didn’t pay to come see all these shows, none of this would have to happen. People should not support Sea World after realizing all the horrors that this documentary exposed.

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