Lights, Camera, Ariel

Student Spotlight: Ariel Hughes

By Zephyr Strosnider
Features Editor

Ariel Hughes, a ninth grader here at North Springs, has been taking singing to a whole new level. She has already won multiple awards, including placing first place at the Baltimore Singers and Dancers competition recently, although she did not dance.

Hughes is not only a singer but also an actress and a dancer. She is in performing arts magnet and involved in chorus here at North Springs. She also teaches a dance class to younger children ages seven through twelve.

When times get tough, Hughes is always glad to have the supports of her friends and family. “[The kids I teach at my dance class] even made me a card for good luck at my performance,” said Hughes, “and my mom and family are really supportive.”

Her mother was actually the one who got Hughes into singing. “My mom’s a singer and I always used to watch her and she taught me, so then I just started singing,” said Hughes. Many of her friends are also singers in the chorus magnet at North Springs and provide much support.

Hughes has big plans for her future. Just going to a mediocre college and having a normal job isn’t her style. “I would like to go to Julliard or Berkeley after high school, if I don’t get famous before then,” said Hughes.

Hughes is not afraid to perform in front of large audiences. “When I first went on stage, I saw it was a really big crowd so I wasn’t as scared,” said Hughes. “I’m much more scared in front of smaller crowds, like presenting in a classroom – that’s when I’m scared.”

Hughes does have some advice to help people who do suffer with stage fright however. “Just think of the afterwards; what if I do this and I do great? Don’t think about being nervous now, think about how great it’s going to be afterwards,” said Hughes. She also says to just tell yourself you’re going to win, and your confidence will be boosted immediately.

Ariel Hughes

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