UPDATE: Winter Storm 2014: Take 2

By Elizabeth Wilkes

—Updated as of Feb. 12, 10:30 p.m.—

City and citizens more prepared for second round of storms

Students who were stuck away from home for inordinate amounts of time just two weeks ago have had much more positive experiences with the snow, due largely to the precautionary measures on the part of the local government and school board.

Local Sandy Springs emergency services have received far fewer calls during this storm, despite the worse weather conditions, as citizens heeded the warnings and have stayed off the roads since the state of emergency was declared 48 hours ago.

Area schools have been closed since Tuesday, and will not reopen until Tuesday, February 18 next week due to the previously scheduled President’s Day holiday. While severe conditions did not develop until late Tuesday night, the amount of chaos has been minimal compared to the attempts to make it home from school in the previous storm.

Junior Anna Deutsch’s experience, which last time consisted of seven hours in the car, “has been incomparable. I slept in Tuesday and this morning, not having to worry about a commute. I got to watch winter chaos from inside my warm house,” said Deutsch of round two.  “Other than a touch of cabin fever, it’s been great to have all this time off of school. I don’t think anyone’s complaining about an 8 day weekend! Fulton county schools is on the road to recovery in my eyes!”

Senior Megan Rodgers didn’t get home until two days later last time around. Now, she’s “cooped up at home with my family watching the olympics. This storm has been so much better because everyone was better prepared for what would happen,” said Rodgers.  “The only bad part is that flights are getting cancelled and my family is supposed to go to Boston on Friday morning.”

Georgia Power has been working hard to ensure that the area’s outages are swiftly resolved. Around 9 a.m. this morning, a branch heavy with ice fell down in senior Audrey LeSage’s neighborhood, taking the power lines with it. Her family was prepared: “Luckily, we had grabbed a few bags of ice to put in the fridge and stocked up on firewood,” said LeSage. “Georgia power was able to get to our neighborhood early this afternoon and got the power back on before dinnertime!”

An additional 2-4 inches of snowfall is expected overnight. The Oracle will keep you updated come Thursday morning!

Road Closures update:
Currently, the following roads in Sandy Springs have been shut down and will be closed throughout tonight:

 • Northridge between Roswell and Dunwoody Place
• Dalrymple at Princeton closed including at Roswell Road
• Riverside north from  Johnson Ferry to  Brandon Mill
• Glenridge and Glenlake at Abernathy and Glenridge
• Stewart Drive at Roswell Road and Lake Forrest
• Heards Ferry/ Northside at Riveredge Pkwy
• Riverside Drive South from Johnson Ferry and 285
• Riverview Road at Northside and Northside
• Brandon Mill
• Powers Ferry at Mt. Vernon and Crest Valley
• Colquitt at Northridge and Pitts
• Interstate North Parkway Bridge to Northside Drive

Crews will resume attempts to clear the roads tomorrow.

—Original Story—

As the second and more icy round of winter storms hits the South, the Oracle is covering current conditions through various media. Find us on our new YouTube channel, where we will be posting video updates of conditions in the Sandy Springs area and around North Springs High School. See the Sandy Springs Fire and Rescue crews at work!  http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VBSPlS5oMTw&list=PLQI2rpvQjgsyG36MnIk2sSbjMFmV-NFO4

Updates on road conditions, courtesy of Sandy Springs, Georgia: City News (https://www.facebook.com/SandySpringsGA)
The Sandy Springs Public works crews made considerable progress with road treatments this morning.  With a current lull in the heavy precipitation, plows are “plowing” their way through our Priority One roadways. We expect additional sleet and freezing rain later today, but the clearing now will help with efforts later tonight.

Roads currently closed or very dangerous due to ice:

·         Northridge Rd between Roswell and Dunwoody Place is closed due to ice
·         Ice is reported on Johnson Ferry at Riverside
·         Dupree and Power Ferry – hazardous ice
·         Northside Drive from 285 to the city limits – hazardous ice
·         Glenridge from Abernathy to Glenlake Parkway
·         Stewart from Lake Forrest to Roswell
·         Roswell and Dalyrmple
·         Riverview from Northside to Old Powers Ferry
·         Riverside Dr from Brandon Mill Rd to Johnson Ferry Rd
·         Brandon Mill from Dalyrmple to Abernathy
·         Johnson Ferry Rd from Riverside Dr to Abernathy
·         Mt Vernon Hwy from Riverside Dr to East City Limits


Dudley Lane and Powers Ferry (with power lines)
Riverside Dr at Johnson Ferry (with power lines) (treatment in progress)

Several downed trees have been removed already.

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