UPDATE: No school February 11, 12, and 13


– Updated as of February 11th, 6:00 PM –

School will also be closed on Thursday, February 13th due to the predicted ice storm approaching. School will not start up again until Tuesday, February 18th as there will be no school on Friday and Monday because of President’s Day. With the increasing amount of snow days, students, parents, and teachers are worrying about having to  make up school days. Fulton County has announced that no time will be taken away from Spring Break, so it is likely that school will go on at least for a little bit after Memorial Day in May.

On Tuesday when school was closed, many students were disappointed to the apparent lack of snow. There was little to no snowfall on Tuesday, but the second part of the storm is projected to hit Tuesday night and Wednesday during the day in the form of an ice storm.

– Original Post –

Fulton County Schools have cancelled schools for Tuesday, February 11th as well as for Wednesday, February 12th in advance for the predicted snow storm. With the fallout from the previous snow storm, it was widely predicted that schools would be closed down for these days. The offices will also be closed these days, and to find out more information about closings and more information watch local news stations and make sure to follow the social media account of Fulton County Schools.

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