Mock Trial advances to District competition


North Springs advances to district competition

North Springs advances to district competition

North Springs Mock Trial team earned third place out of seven teams and won multiple accolades in the Regional Mock Trial competition, held the weekend of February 1st.

Defense attorney Daniel Muehring and prosecuting attorney Cameron Frostbaum each won two Outstanding Attorney awards, a rare feat. Senior Annie Brandt and junior Ilana Sturisky both received an Outstanding Witness award for their performances as Lt. Walden Caine for the prosecution and Kelly McNulty for the defense, respectively.

The team is headed by senior Cameron Frostbaum who has been on the team since his sophomore year. The competing team is made up of five other seniors; Daniel Muehring, Annie Brandt, Gautam Ravichandran, Edward Mortimer, and Rachel Goldman. Muehring, Ravichandran, Mortimer, and Goldman played the role of attorneys, and Brandt was a witness. “I’m really proud of how the team has excelled since the beginning of the season. I am confident in our team and look forward to seeing how we do at districts,” said Frostbaum.

This year’s sponsor is literature teacher Ms. Cathryn Beveridge, following the now retired Ms. Judith Roseman. Attorney-coaches helped the students of Mock Trial prepare for the competition, comprised of parents who currently practice law, including Lane Frostbaum, Steven Berne, Tracy Dorfman, and Steve Goldman. In Mock Trial, each school has two sides; the prosecution, headed by president Cameron Frostbaum, and the defense, led by senior Daniel Muehring, with six people on each side. Within each team, there are three attorneys and three witnesses.

The prosecution and the defense simultaneously earn points for North Springs, but the two teams compete separately at competition.

 After months of preparation, the team traveled to the Fulton County Courthouse in downtown Atlanta to compete against other teams in the Atlanta area. While the school names are kept secret to eliminate bias, North Springs could have competed against schools like Riverwood, Johns Creek, and Northview High School.

Every team is guaranteed two round to face against different teams. The opponent of the team in the second round is based on how well a team does in the first round.

Unlike most tournaments, the teams that score the highest in the first rounds face each other in a “power match” format, meaning teams are matched with those that performed at a similar level.

While the prosecution and the defense compete separately, they both accumulate points together for their schools. Both the prosecution and the defense scored well in the first round, so both teams were power matched against other teams that scored highly in the first round.

At the conclusion of the second round, the rankings of the team were announced, and North Springs placed third, ensuring advancement to the next level of competition.

This victory will allow the team to attend the District level competition to be held Thursday, February 20, and depending on their success in the first round, February 23, for the second and final rounds. At the district competition, they will be facing Johns Creek High School in the first round.

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