FBLA competitors advance from RLC to state

By Elizabeth Wilkes

"FBLA Chart Your Course"

North Springs FBLA competed at the Region Leadership Conference (RLC) in multiple leadership, business, and computer science events. This year’s RLC was held at Alpharetta High School Tuesday, January 21.

Students who placed high enough in their events are moving on to the state round of the competition, which will be held March 14-15 at the State Leadership Conference in Atlanta.

Region Winners Advancing to State:

11th place in Accounting 1: Jordan Meagher

3rd place in Digital Design and Promotion: Ari Walker

8th place in Economics: Jay Edlin

2nd place in Electronic Career Portfolio: Lynzy Mendenhall

9th in Hospitality Management: Teriana Cohens and Isaac Chambers

9th in Introduction to Information Technology: Isaac Chambers

5th in Management Decision Making: Michael Couch and JR Stein

1st in Sports and Entertainment Management: Lucas Capps and JD Grider

3rd in Website Design: Marquise Fleming, Justin Conerly, and Dacorvyn Young

2nd in Future Business Leader and advancing to “Super Team” in Sports & Entertainment Management, Justin Fleischmann

Region Winners:

5th in Business Plan: Gabriel Periera, Geoffrey Teneilabe, Raymond Ngwaogwugwu

4th in Business Ethics: Ross McLane, Jay Edlin, Matt Kontyko

3rd in Business Presentation: Shura Lomanova, Thomas Chilomo, Sharan Panchal

5th in Impromptu Speaking: Tyrone McClendon

5th in Job Interview and 4th in Future Business Leader,  Kyle Austin

North Springs’ FBLA is also a finalist in the statewide Battle of the Chapters competition and will compete again at the State Leadership Conference.

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